Interview med Sekou Smith

Interview med Sekou Smith

Vi har taget en snak med Sekou Smith, om sæsonens overraskelse, skuffelse, trade rygter, Stephen Curry og Kobe Bryant

Af Stefan Henriksen

Sekou Smith skriver til dagligt for og kan ofte ses på NBA TV, hvor han analysere NBA og dens spillere. Han har i mange år dækket NBA, hvorfor hans viden omkring ligaen ikke er til at tage fejl af. Vi har taget en snak med ham, for at få hans synspunkt på starten af den igangværende sæson.

-Which team have surprised you the most so far, and why?

Indiana, and that’s mainly because Paul George has been the breakout star (not named Stephen Curry) in the league so far. He’s been remarkable and the Pacers have thrived off of his strong start to this season. The most surprising in the other direction is the Houston Rockets. They’ve been extremely disappointing for a team coming off of a trip to the conference finals. Firing Kevin McHale was an easy out. But the Rockets clearly have bigger issues they need to address.

-Right now there are severel rumors about players on the trade block. Which players do you expect to be traded before the deadline?

As entertaining as they can be, trade rumors are often a waste of our quality time. Most of what is rumored never happens. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Josh Smith involved in a deal. The Clippers tried shaking things up over the summer and it doesn’t appear that all of those moves have worked out the way Doc Rivers intended. Moving Josh Smith could be a very real possibility.

-Looking at playoff bound teams, which team is in the biggest need of a new player/players to make a deep playoff run this year? Which players do they need to target?

We’re only a quarter of the way through the season. It’s far too early to know for sure which teams will survive the grind and make the playoff field, particularly in the Eastern Conference, where the top 10 teams are separated by just two games in the standings.

-Stephen Curry seems to just be getting better and better. What do you think of his performance so far?

Steph has been unbelievable. I mean literally unbelievable. No one could have predicted he come back from a MVP and championship season even better than he was during that run. His work ethic, drive and shooting ability has been out of this world. I can’t remember the last time a player has entertained the way he has and made his team a must-watch outfit every single night out.

-This i Kobe Bryants last season. In one word, how would you describe him?  

Ruthless. Kobe’s chase for greatness always hung on the fact that he was a ruthless competitor and would do whatever it took to beat you.

Vi siger mange tak til Sekou, for at svare på vores spørgsmål. Du kan læse hans artikler her.